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For over 60 Years, NOTIFIER has been in a leadership position in the fire alarm industry. We are proud to be an authorized deal so we can deliver high-quality products and services to our clients. By partnering with NOTIFIER we are helping to ensure we provide the flexibility and options your  business needs. Our commitment to products and partnerships is what propels Vulcan Fire to stand product above the rest.
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CLSS Gateway
The CLSS Gateway is Honeywell Fire’s interface connecting to a Honeywell fire system panel or network, serving as a portal between the panel, the Cloud, and peripheral devices. The CLSS Gateway enables reading the connected device system inventory from one panel or a network of panels and transmitting this data to the Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) Cloud.

Features & Benefits

    • Connects directly to NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Control Panels or a network of FACPs
    • Easy connection between the Gateway and CLSS CheckPoint mobile application
    • BlueTooth® mobile pairing for Gateway Configuration and Control capability
    • Panel connection options include Standalone Panel, Networked Panel, and Standalone with Digital Voice Control
    • Can be used for portable or permanently installed applications
CLSS Fire Alarm


High-Speed NOTI-FIRE-NET™ (HS-NFN) is the interface which allows NOTIFIER Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels to form a network. Each local control panel (network node) maintains its own area of protection, while monitoring and controlling other areas (other network nodes). Local information is displayed at each network node. In areas such as a security office, where the entire network must be monitored, network annunciators are available.

  • HS-NCM-MF High Speed Network Control Module (Multimode Fiber)
  • HS-NCM-MFSF High Speed Network Control Module (Multimode Fiber/Single mode Fiber)
  • HS-NCM-SF High Speed Network Control Module (Single mode Fiber)
  • HS-NCM-W High Speed Network Control Module (Wire)
  • HS-NCM-WMF High Speed Network Control Module (Wire/Multimode Fiber)
  • HS-NCM-WSF High Speed Network Control Module (Wire/Single mode Fiber)

  • Features & Benefits:
  • Fiber optic (multi-mode and/or single-mode fiber), wire, or combination wire/fiber communications path
  • NFPA Style 4 or Style 7 network operation
  • Based on peer-to-peer network architecture
  • High-speed data communications—40% faster than NOTI-FIRE-NET (12Mb for wire, 100 Mb for fiber)
  • Supports all ONYX® Series Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Supports NWS, FirstVisionTM, BACnet and Modus, CAP, VESDA-HLI, SLC-IM and LED Sign Gateway applications
  • Increased network node capacity to 200 nodes for large applications
  • High Speed NOTI-FIRE-NET


    Digital Voice Command (DVC)
    The Digital Voice Command (DVC) is the heart of a full featured audio command center providing voice evacuation for Emergency Communications and Mass Notification applications. The ability to play 8 simultaneous messages and network multiple DVCs across a campus or within a large facility enables the system to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. This capability allows for an appropriate and targeted response for any type of emergency or non-emergency event, as well as broadcast general information. The firefighters/emergency telephone option enables two-way communication between command centers and distributed emergency telephones.

    Features & Benefits

    • 8 Channel Digital Audio to play the right message to the right occupants at the right time with distortion free audio
    • Network option allows the system to be configured to meet current ECS/MNS and be expanded to meet any future ECS/MNS needs
    • UL 2572 and UL 864 listings meet requirements for voice evacuation for fire and Mass Notification System Applications
    • Unified Facilities Criteria compliant to meet Department of Defense applications/requirements
    • Third party audio integration to play background music when not performing event notification or integrate PBX paging systems
    • Multi-media support allowing the preferred media (wire, single mode fiber, multi-mode) to be used for each digital audio loop segment-Testing